Closed: Create other three permutations of search string and search for them also


-- Permutations --
We need to search all four permutations of a search string like I showed in the powerpoint file. For example, if somebody wants to search for the first string below, we also need to search the other permutations (#2...#4):
CCCAATTGGG <-- #1: Original search
GGGTTAACCC <-- #2: Reverse of #1
GGGTTAACCC <-- #3: Derived secondary DNA strand from #1 (A<->T and C<->G)
CCCAATTGGG <-- #4: Reverse of #3
So if someone could write a little function to create the other three permutations and also search for them, that would be great.
In the code right before the line below, we could generate the other three strings and then search the tree for them also.
searchTree(head, level, searchstring);


bdelgado wrote Jul 10, 2009 at 5:15 AM

I completed this on July 9, 2009. -Brian

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